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had a gr8 day..
but was average..
didnt have time to update..
like owaes..i chat at nite w myra..
haah..shes kinda funny..
irritating smtymes..
but gd thang is tht shes straight forward.
thts my type baybeh!
oh yea,
then, had a chat w kachyk also..
had a short arguement w myra's bf..
goshh..tht guy, asked me fr stead..
insane..whreby he ardd knew tht im taken..
& so do he..ewww.
i told myra but she didnt blieved me..
long story aft tht..zzzzz..
then hrs ltr, she blieved it.
kachyk, went of9 ardd..
didnt slp and chat w her till 4.30am+..
was fun..cos she everytime called me..
like daily..haha..
we talked2 otf frm 5am till 6.30am..
was abt to invite kachyk..
bt he sure aslp ardd..
so nvm..
chat crap all stuffs..
in th end, i slpt at 6.40am..
haiss..then woke up arnd 11.30am..
i gt noooo enuf slp..
damn cos i gotta buy smtg & thts why i gotta woke up..


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