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been days i didnt update..
so tht 5nov,
aft i had my olvl exam,
i went to meet kachyk.
he was so gentleman..
goshh..didnt expect tht he wud take th trouble to cum & fetch me..
thru cab. goshh.
oh yea,
so i slacked w him..
went to punggol aft tht..
then met my bro..
aft tht,
take lrt..fr fun..
go arnd punggol while waiting fr myra to come..
aft tht,
we all head dwn to punggol plaza..
to meet myra..
aft met her, well, since it was our first time,
was shock as our face was diff frm whad we thought..
slacked2 fr a while..
then we all went hm seperately..
& thanks kachyk fr accompany me all th while..

so, today was rather moreeee fun than th other day..
went to meet kachyk at city hall..
haha..aft tht we walk2 to esplanade..
dunno fr hw many rounds..
lol..then to raffles..
go window shopping..
go marina..
haha..aft tht go esplanade again..
but fun cos along th way, we chat2 non-stop..
aft tht, went to potong pasir..
was abt to meet myra..
but sad, she went to meet her bf..
so, went to potong pasir mcd to eat..
since we haven eat since morning..
i was abt to eat went i was at town..
but dunno whad to eat..
haiss..so, at ptp mcd,
bought sm food..
eat together w kachyk..
haha..& of course im so greedy cos i was vvvv hungry..
few mins ltr,
my bro came..chat2 awhile w us then he go in fr work..
aft im done w my food, chat2 awhile w kachyk..
then he sent me back hm..
well, sowie if i've troubled urslf
to go cityhall to meet ur friend
by taking cab frm my blk..
but thanks anyway fr enjoying my day.
appreciate it loootttsss.
& i had fun w you.
thanks much.


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