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this one sweettt. {/ilyt nico}

jyeah! smile fr th cam {/wall} ahaks.

ahaks. i miss maple..
well, those shots was taken few days ago..
by nico..haahs.
and today, was bored at first.
cos i was busy with my stuffs.
so sorry dear didnt talk tht much.
but at night,
i did have a gr8 chat with you..
jyeah! & i love it.
dunno why suddenly mood change.
ahaks. really-really.
i frm morning haven eat..
so, thanks bf fr th mood tht makes me wanna go & eat.
and webcamming was fun today.
i love it! woohooo.
& ur new hair,
wooots! hawwwtttstuffss urh!!!
i love it soooo loooaaaddds.

oh yea,
and finally u slp tonight..
cos it has been days u didnt..
see ya tmrw bf.

and oh yea,
dunno why ystrday gt this request.
ahaks. kinda weird.
cos usually its 'new friend request'..
bt this one is 'new fan request'..
i was like..
huh?? but approve it though..ahaks.


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