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today, okeh lurh..
thanks to kachyk fr th wake-up call..
app it looaaaddss.
thought u wudnt bother to gimme one..
but u did..
it was more than wad i've expected..

haiss..these days, i've been missing nico..
i feel tht his time bcame busier as days goes on..
no time otf w me..
bt nvm..
wdeva it is..i still understand ur situation..
those things happening between me & kachyk..
hmm..i really feel tht we bcame closer&closer each day..
actually, i know he care fr me..more than wad i thought..
thaaannkkks fr being thre fr me like everytime..
cos, nw, its kinda difficult fr me to talk w nico..
i hope his doing fine though..
and, dunno wen iel be seeing him again.. {**sob-sob.}
really missss u nic..


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