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today iris came my hse..
she bought lotsa titbits & snacks. <3
& she went hm arnd 8+ i guess..

oh yea,
ystrday i was so exhausted..
so lazy to update..

well, i went to meet bf at his hse..
sowie raudhaa i cudnt go meet u guys..
nxt tyme sure meet again aite?~
i went out at 2.15pm..
whreby i've planned at 1+ have to reach..
a lil delay cos i gotta buy smtg..
so, wen i was in th train,
this time i feel awkward..
almost all th ppl thre fall aslp..
except me, pluggin inbox. ^_^
enjoying th tunes..
and wen i was at admiralty,
aft tap out,
by coincidence, bump into my bf's mom.
cool! i guess she didnt notice me.
but i nudge her. xD
had a lilchat ..
then, mxg-mxg faten while w8-ing fr th bus..
shes sooo humourous..
haha..talk crap in tht mxg..
aft tht,
wen i reach th hse,
what happen of cos i shall keep those within myslf.
but, i had soooo gr8 time.
dangs to th core.
and, i get to slp fr awhile.
20mins of nap i guess..
cos i almost aslp wen i was otw..
i ate th spaghetti again!!
delicious urh..
played w th ps3 too..
but im dumb i guess..
thts why idk hw to play.
thts why in th end i slp.

hmm..was abt to off at 6..
but then, nvm..
extend em till 6.40..
cos i really wanna be with him..
time doesnt matter much..
wen i was abt to leave,
his mom came bck hm.
chat again..ahaks.

& aft tht,
he sent me to th bus-stop.
i went hm as usual..
settle dwn & shower & slp.
thts why no time update.

ps: {/iloveystrday}


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