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ystrday night, smone msg me.
saying tht a simcard was found at causeway.
and th person found it at 7th floor at foodcourt thre..
well, i do rmbr tht i went to th causeway foodcourt on mon..
but then, i knw so much i didnt dropped anything..
cos my things was in my bf's bag all th while..
and of cos i was curious reading th msg..
so on, i went to reply th msg.
and th person said i didnt went on mon..
instead i went last mth..
i started to freak out.
whre th hell this person knw i went last mth or nt..
i was thinking i didnt even go thre during dec..
as i reply to th msg,
she then intro herself.
so today,
she said do i have a friend named 'yana'
i was like yea i do..
but though i asked her to read th msg tht im gon send her soon..
to double check wether isit tht yana she meant.
and it was true.
th simcard belongs to my friend named 'yana'.
bfore tht, she also did asked me do i have a friend thts celebrating bdae..
i replied no.
and i rmbr yana's bdae was on 8jan.
so shud be hers.
i went to msg lia, yana's bestie to call meh.
so she called me and i told her all th stuffs.
she was kinda shock.
and she did told me tht yana lost her hp.
so its obviously tht missing simcard belongs to yana.
sigh . poor thing yana.
but though, its lucky tht th one who found it was responsible enuf.
well, imma claim tht sim frm th founder.
and then, pass it to lia cos she can meet yana anytime she said.

to yana, nxt tyme be more careful.
dnt always lose ur stuffs.
i do lost my hp once and had a traumatic yr..
was my bdae fone & i lost em.
sigh .
and nw, i owned a hp & nt gon lose em again.
and be more careful..


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