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today skwl was fcuking th fun.
had aloaaadd of humourous stuffs.
esp shahadun..
always make things more fun to th heaven..
i was laughing & laughing th moment i see her face..xD
well, cracked lotsa lame jokes.
but we all do enjoyed it.
share sm of my stories with shahadun & siti during VJP lecture..
we sat at th very back of th room..
so yea..
wea able to do stuffs we wanna do.
wasting time is th first thing tht we did.
haha. like surfing th net all stuff..when th lecture is gg on..
wtheaven ~

end lecture, end skwl.
alrighto~ head dwn to admiralty..
went to take th simcard frm th person who found it..
well, gt no idea hw to get to her blk..
and so, ask ppl th short-cut way fr me.
grp of sec guys help me to direct th destination..
i reached and went up 11 storey..
huhu..saw her and her employer's son..
was still a toodler..
saw me and start to touch2 my blouse..
haha. wtheaven ~
so she gave me th sim..
well, i didnt do nitink w th sim..
a short chat w her..
and chawwws~

went to bf hse...
hoho. sowehhh cos im late darling ~
and its like soooo dangs th often i met him..
one week dunno hw many times i've met him..
more than twice i guess..
i soooo loving it..
and still, his condition coughing & all..
didnt turned up to skwl..
well dear, im hoping uel be alright kae.
get well soon..
i'll always pray fr u so tht uel get betta each day..
and i enjoyed today.
kinda fun.
hoping 'o9 gon be a betta yr fr meh.
compared to 'o8..
my dearie nico, see ya on wed jyeah!


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