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today, skwl was exciting like always.
i reached in class early this time.
cos usually, im th few last to arrive in class..

middle of th class,
sneak out, meet zali..
hes kinda funny..
didnt knw tht i was txt-ing him all th way..
frm he was just gg out of th hse..
till he reached skwl.
so, he went to meet meh first when he ardd reached skwl.
chat fr awhile & i went bck to class.
do work everything..
then, gt early breaktime..
well, he said he wanna go break w me..
so idm..

went to canteen with friends..
w8-ing fr him..
frm 11.30-12..
oh yea, almost lost my earpiece..
i left it at th comp lab.
lucky tht i noticed tht my earpiece wasnt w me..
noticed em when i was abt to search fr my earpiece inside my bag.
i was like, oh dangs. whre th hell my earpiece.
finally rmbr-ED left it on my comp desk.
haha. sooo silly.
went to call my tcher to open th comp lab rm..
phhewww~ lucky still thre.

alright. mins ltr liddat, went up to zali..
since he was thre ardd..
had lunch with him till 12.30..
whreby im supposed to be in class at 12.
bharati lecture..haha..
so yea..
thanks fr sending me to my class zali.
thankie loaads.
and so, had th lecture till 2.30..
half-way arnd 2 liddat my friend called..
cos tht tyme was breaktime..
but i didnt went dwn..
my friends did..and nt me.
they called me to come dwn..
i thought like gt smtg up..
make me curious only..
suddenly went dwn they're just slacking with their friends.
i was like..chayyy~
thought what. haha.
slack-slack until i & my friends saw our classmate went dwn..
asked em & they said class has end-ED.
hoho. thts gr8.
but mins ltr, sm said we havta go bck to class again..
but last-last,
dnt have to cos th tcher said so.
i was like yay!

went up th class take our bags all..
then, went to th canteen..
aft tht, they went hm first since i was w8-ing fr zali..
so yea..
was all alone with my hp batt gg to flat.
zali came arnd 4 i guess..
so sit one place with him and talk lotsa stuffs.
kinda interesting actually.

arnd 5.30+ i guess..
took th same bus as him..
but then i went dwn first.
so yea.. take another bus and all th way back hm.

PS: people, my hp alright ardd. :D


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