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ystrday i went to skwl.
just to pass ppr to tcher.
went meet-up w siti & shahirah in skwl.
aft we pass th ppr,
meet haiqal(siti's friend) & his friend.
aft tht, head dwn to ecp.
shahirah didnt went to follow us.
so went to take 66 to bedok int.
aft tht,
took 196 to marine parade.
go ecp th mcd.
had our breakfast thre..
aft tht,
slack at ecp..
fr couple of hrs i guess..
we chat all stuffs.
and saw lotsa funny stuffs happening thre.
chill mind;trade stories.
aft tht,
sent haiqal to th bus-stop.
aft he went to broad up th bus,
so i & siti slack under my grndmthr hse deck..
talk2, listen music while w8-ing fr my bro to come..
and aft tht,and tht this..
siti went seperate ways since my bro have reached.
siti took bus to bedok int.
i & my bro took bus go amk.
went to meet muqaddis.
tht rawking dude.
walk2 arnd amk hub..
and then,
went to geylang to search fr smtg..
gt ntg much to do..
was kinda late ardd.
8 i guess..
he walk w me to th bus stop..
my bro board up th bus first cos he gotta rush..
i took cab went hm cos th bus didnt stop when i've flagged th bus.
muqaddis, thanks looaaadds fr gg out w meh aite.
nxt tyme, tag shawn also kae.

to my dearie, soweh didnt went to meet you..
lazy drop admiralty.
way too far frm th east ardd..

and today,
im not in th mood to chat.
so soweh dearie..


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