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kinda long tyme huh i didnt went to update.
hah. was lazy.

so well, tht thurs..
i had conflict.
a guy running aft me..
and was drawn onto me..
when i ardd told him & his friends tht im att.
but still, in th end, they mistook me.
wth. and thinking tht i purposely wanna hurt their friend..
idiot, i dnt even need u to care fr me.
i had myne & my bf cares fr me alot than u do.
nt saying tht i hate you..
just tht, th care th u showed me is nt th type of 'friend care'..
i knw u like me dude but i've warned u in th first place aite..
tht im att .
yeh i knw its nt wrong to be friends..
but if ure planning to pull my feelings off,
all i can say dude, ure just wasting ur tyme.
so if ure feeling heartbroken or wdsoeva,
i dnt give a wdsoeva care.
its ur prblm. cos i've told ya nt to care fr me.
if uve fallen fr me, then its ur prblm.
im nt gon fall fr others. thts it.
friends, i can tolerate.
but if th feelings starts to change to more than as a friend,
than its nt my prblm.

and, wed, im gg to skwl w kyd.
my fs friend. whom i knwn fr a v long tyme..
but didnt chat. haha.
and last-last,
found out tht dude was in one college w me.

to zali,
gg hm w you everytime aft skwl was kinda awesome.
nxt tyme talk more.
haha. imma make u dropdead. lol.
cya on wed jyeah .

alright. thres more alot to share..
but im just lazy to type.
thanks reader fr reading my post all th while..
well, didnt knw tht my blog was kinda interesting .
thanks fr th compliment jyeah guys! hehs.

whad more,
hmm, all i can say,
i felt this yr im being cursed.
fr sudden, i had so much boy mates.
fun its fr sure fun..
but, if th friend feelings starts to change,
then its difficult fr me to xcept tht..
cos im just treating u guys nt more than just a friend.


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