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just nw i cudnt slp.
so had a chat w my bestie in scotland.
dangs. im here in sg at 4.30am+..
and at scotland was at half 8PM.
was fun chatting w him..
cos we often on9 only at diff time..
i miss you too tallis!
and, xD
i love you more okay! -& dnt argue nmore, puppet! haha
you rock me too aite!
wc with you was awesome..
what a smart joke u got..
haha. will nver frgt tht. xD

and pictures below was UNEDITED.
thres no need to edit.

and in skwl, haha.
this picture below doing is my 'prize' fr solving riddles..
my ft gave me this.
marshmallows & dunno like puzzle liddat..


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