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today, i went to skwl.
and jyeah, fun always.

didnt knw skwl today starts at 2..
shah told me earlier in txt..
but i thought he was just fooling arnd..
or wanna make me feel stupid.
in th end, it was true.
wen i came to skwl,
saw my classmates.
they came to me..
everything all.
and said,
class starts at 2.
i was like.
wth. shud have trust what shah txt me in th first place.
so yea..
his nt kidding me..
imma trust u this time shah.
nver make a fool of u again aite.

and yea..
so, while w8-ing till 2..
i sit-sit w my friends all.
cracked joke.
and yea..
went to meet zali, my dearest dance mate.
had a chat with him..
and yea..
meet him ltr during my breaktime.

1st lesson gt PE.
sigh. runrunrun..
on th track..
do all those pull-up ..sit-up..standing broad jump all.
aft tht,
told he tcher i wanna go toilet..
but actually,
went to meet zali.
sneak out~
shhss. only friends knew.
so yea..
slack w zali fr half an hr i guess..
so i went off.
thought of nt meeting him again..
cos he was abt to go.
but yay!
he was thre during my breaktime at 3.30
met him during my breaktime.
he accompany me had my lunch..
so yea..
bt bfore tht,
those my friends of my friends had a commosion abt me..
all bcos i can speak indo & chinese & those stuffs..
they was surprised.
and thinking tht im kinda interesting girl.
psst, i heard their comments . so thts whye.
aft they had gone,
zali went up to th dance studio..
and i went to buy my food.
so yea..
half way eat, he came.
and accompany me..
till im supposed to be in class at 4..
but xtend em till 4.30..
cos zali was thre..
had a sooo v gr8 chat of cos.
aft tht,
he gtg, and so,
i finished up my food & went up to class.
lucky tcher nver scold.
aft tht,
sit in comp lab fr abt 30mins i guess.
and went off.
cos needa go bishan ite..
gt netball.

went to w8 fr bus fr almost 30mins.
fcuk up, th bus didnt came.
was late.
and last-last,
wen i arrived ardd,
they actually went to switched th date to thurs.

me,siti,shahadun&shahirah went to j8..
eat at kfc and went off.

oh yea,
thanks ron & shah fr otp w me..
all th way till im home.
enjoy talking to you guys otp aite.
awesome-uwlaaaalaaa~ ;D

and, zali, meet ya tmrw aite.
see ya!


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