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didnt update fr long..
yeah i knw.
was kinda lazy & at th same tyme,
was busy with dancework..

so yeah..
tht sat, wentta meet my insane gf, myra.
went to her hse & slack.
had lotsa fun..
& myra, thankie fr th popcorns.
it was delicious & i cnt get enuf of it!
oh yea, and also,
repairing ur comp to work well wasnt a difficult task fr me..
woaa..myra, nw ur comp can run msn messenger huh & all..
nt like bfore..whreby ur comp cnt run th msn messenger..
and constantly not responding..
but nwaes, hope u like it tough..
& thanks fr accompanying to buy th Tom Yam Noodles..
ahaks..it was my fav..
wwwwwoooooo! ;D

hmm, & thankqhue too fr accompanying me bck to take cab arnd ur hse..
haha, it was rain at tht tyme..
and ur slippers were all wet..
"nxt tyme if rain, dnt wear slippers as it might make u slip off!"
ahahs, yeahs .

imma end here.
and will upload pictures once i've uploaded to my comp.
tcare! ;D


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