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just nw was kinda fun.
wentta meet my sec sch friends..
then head dwn to kfc fr lunch..
blake came..
and soon my bro came..

aft lunch, we went seperate ways..
me,my bro & blake went to walk2..
then, my bro brought him to LAN, play games..
& i went to esplanade underground fr dance practice..
half-way choreograph,
my bro came along to choreograph too..
stayed thre fr like couple of hrs i guess..
then, saw fadly & all his friends..
passby..bt sadly, they didnt notice us.

hmm then,
grp of guys some kinda gays..
came arnd th area & like..
kinda shake their ass & so on..
i & my bro was like..
'eyh, gay!'
one of em was looking hawt.
dang, hawt.
but sad, gay.
sigh .

few mins ltr,
aft i had my phone call,
saw my friends talking to those guys..
i was like..
wthack they're up to..
those guys came to my area..
and they're like wanna help us choreograph too..
i was like..
omg, alright.

and blablabla..
my bro went off..
few mins, he called me & said he saw his friend, dusty.
whom has been like 2yrs bck wishta aquaint w me..
& still, admiring me till nw.
i was like..oh, tht guy.
my bro pass me dusty #..
like 30mins ltr,
dusty called me & came to my area..
cos it was his breaktime..
i then went off w dusty.
accompany him go smoke awhile..
then walk half-way w him at citylink..
cos he gotta go bck to work..

& i went bck home, alone.
half-way, split time went fr shopping awhile..
cos still open..
aft shopping awhile, went hm.

& tmrw, still having dance practice..
same place, at 4pm.
sigh .
gotta find out wads their new choreograph looks like..


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