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ystrday was freaking fun.

fri, habib called me & he said bought 2 tx.
to watch performance..
& he invite me to come.
well, feel nt right if i reject..
since he ardd bought 2 tx..
so yeah,
i accpt it.

first, wentta meet him at bugis.
and aft tht,
we all wentta meet his friend & th gf..

th performance was fun.
i enjoyed.
it was performed by bands..
well, i only watch half of it..
cos wishta go..
they said it was boring.
i was like..

first band was acoustic..
their song tht they played was underground..
but i like it nwaes..
cos it sounds nice, though it was acoustic..
aft th first band played their songs,
while w8-ing fr th 2nd band to arrive,
was so crappy.
anyone can go up & perform..
i was like..haha.
and suddenly, this one guy went up..
oma goshhh..
he sang headbang acapella..
tht was th first thang tht he did..
2nd, he went to plug his mp3..
and with th head banging like insane ppl..
i was like lol-ing.
really funny.
almost everyone out thre was laughing.

and so,
when th 2nd band had arrived,
i wish to stay abit longer..
cos curious on what song they'll be playing..
bt then, habib & his friends wants to go off..
i was like..
urghhhh .
but nehmind.

so aft tht,
i told em tht im gg wisma..
so we all took train to orchard..
and didnt knw they wants to accompany meh to wisma..
thanks so much yeah!
wentta wisma w habib & all..
had lotsa fun thre..

aft wisma..
just slack arnd orchard..
tag em to go paragon..
i miss tht place.
so, walk arnd paragon..

aft paragon,
we all wentta eat at mcd at lucky plaza..
aft tht went hm.

and thanks habib fr sending me bck hm.
appreciate it much much.
like always, you've been sending me bck hm..
frm th day i knw you.

and also, sorry fr nt rplying ur txt mxg.
i was slppng.
like i told u in th train, im sleepy.

but anyway,
thanks fr taking me out yeah.
i enjoyed it damn much.

and heres th picture of ystrday.

reflection in paragon's toilet..haha

thts fakhitah, habib's friend gf & me.

this one was at wisma.
i & habib, i love this. taken by me..

i took this.
i find this cute.
the end & bye ~


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