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was busy-ing.
and lazy update.
come, i write long-long.

well..these days..
dudes have been loves aquainting me..
loves making new friends w me, fun huh??.
zul said,
since guys have been aquainting me daily..
maybe by th tyme im in 2nd yr,
all th guys i've knw.
wth. im nt interesting or what..
im short.
haha bt nwaes,
new friends are fun.
& i love my classmates.
they rawkx ah!
yeh, esp my 'th szister'!
farah&ezum -they rawkx!
hah. & some like rizal..nafri..
still got more..
woa, seriously, i love em.
cos they are awesome!

so tht thurs, 5feb.
i getta knw new ppl, again & like always.
its been daily i've been knwing new dudes.
wonder whos gon be on mon..
so, i getta knw this guy.
named adid.
hes hawt & everything.
but of cos nt my type.
hes att;im att.
wea just, friends yeh~
soweh dear classmates..
i wentta left u guys & went break w him..
adid, i enjoyed my time wcha.
hehs. u & ur friends are all awesome!
gr8 to be with..
oh yea,
thanks fr th drinks u bought fr me, adid.

and yeah..
so aft skwl, went off w my ezum&farah..
we all went to walk frm skwl to paya lebar tgdr.
talk crap;shit;nonsense all th way.
went to eat at restaurant nearby w ezum.
& farah didnt wentta eat w us..
cos she had to meet her friends..
so yea,
just me & ezum.
haha. we laugh & eat.
by seeing her stupid face in her hp wallpaper,
just make me laugh&laugh&laugh all th way..
'handicap' face expression.
ezum-ezum..ur crap, nt bad huh.
aha. really..
so aft eat, we slack awhile..
then wentta window shoppin..
bfore tht, saw jaydee.. -tht cute face! xD

so walk2..and talk crap and wdeva all th way..
wentta this fashion..browse2 & still, talking shit.
haha, like always.
ezum i love you!
hah. u rawkx babe! x]
till 6+ i guess..
went off seperate ways.

didnt knw tht my new friends wud be betta this time.
i love it!

and to new friends,
nice knwing u guys.
yeh i knw i always with guys..
cos they tag me along to go w em..
so yea..
im just tryna mix arnd..

and monday, i got my dance practice.
dangs. sure tired again.
& getta learn new steps again.

end off here.


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