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been days since i didnt update..
monday after sch went to vivo with khai..
met him after my sch..
around 6pm..
then, we went off to habourfront by NEL..

@ vivo, first we went to one of this discovery shop..
haha.. i frgt th retail name..
went there..
fooled around with stuffs & all..
then, off to th roof-top..
slacked awhile while waiting fr khai's mum to call him..

after she called, she asked khai to meet her at pastamania..
@ habourfront centre..
it took us bloody damn 3omins just to get to th place..
we went around the same area fr twice..
end up, at 7pm, then finally met th mom..

after tht,
head down to habourfront food centre to have our dinner..
i had my Tom Yam Noodle..
whheee~ it was super delicious..hee
thanks fr the treat Lily! =D
we went off home by bus..

in the bus,
we all went to catch movie..
but didnt getta finish th movie..
cos i was about to reach my stop..

went home @ 9.30pm..

& today,
didnt do anything much..
after sch, slacked..
with ezum, & her friends & my bro..
slacked till 8.30pm..
then off home.


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