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yesterday had a day out after sch..
i end at 5.30pm..
after tht,
head down to chinese garden..
khai fetch me..
he bring me to th jamming studio..

when i reached, around 7pm,
at there, met his sister, his mommy..
f..& 2 of his bandmates..
they were all tryna compose song..
& th sister was composing a lyric..
th song they created was pretty nice..
i like it..hee.
nothing do..
his mom offered me to read up some mag..
had our own fun time..
took photos all..
around 8pm, we're all off to IMM..
took bus 333..

had our dinner at Banquet..
then, take off around 9.30pm i guess..
we all went to walk to jurong mrt..

went to take th same train as khai, th sis & th mommy..
then stopped at amk..
they took 88, i took 25..
went off seperately.
but our bus came at th same time..
& end up, i reached home first.
woooh! hee.
around 11pm ;D

cya somedays lily! =D


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