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ystrday was fun.
after sch,
went to Bugis with farah & ezum..
farah went to extend her hair..
while waiting,
i & ezum went to walk around..
then, head to some hair shop..
we went to tryout th wig hair..
after tht,
back to meet farah & shes done.
since it seemed interesting to me,
so i also went to put some..
purple, blonde & pinkish red..

after we're done,
ezum & farah went together..
but i went seperately..
took bus to sengkang..
met khai @ compass around 8.45pm..
first, we both went to mcd..
have dinner..spent time there..
around 9.30pm,
im off to meet my bro, daffi & raemiy at park..
slacked awhile,
then otp with my darling hazri..
& off home around 10.30pm..
since he dislikes me to be around late night..

off, tcares reader!
& im gonna miss you hazri.
hear you on monday.. cya on friday.
& dnt frgt my bbg! =D hee.

cya soon khai!
im gonna meet him after my sch.


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