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friday went out with khai..
was bored at home..
& khai was also doing nothing at home..
so he tagged me out..

first, went to meet raemiy at his hse around 12pm..
accompany him..
then, off to kovan..
take train to sengkang..
then met khai..spent time with him..haha
was about to have lunch at kfc..
but th queue was so asno full..
so off to mcd, but no seats..wtfreak..
end up, we had it at Banquet, haha.

after we had our lunch,
we went off to bugis by bus..80..
just browsing the stuffs thre..
& i went to shopping lilbit..hahs
glad tht i bring along my bag..
otherwise, i guess khai is gonna carry those shopping bags..
after shop at Bugis, then we went OG..
browse th OG..
& i thanks to khai i getta taste free pancake..
haha. it was delicious actually.. ahaks.
after tht, we went to BK..
i bought taro pie..
my fav! haha.
then we sat at around tht area fr awhile..
took some shots..

thanks to khai & i like this photo! =D

our first picture.


third. & i like this~ ;D




myself potrait. taken by khai. thanks!


after tht, we went off to sim lim..
just walking around..
meddle with some of the stuffs..
then, off to ecp..

on the way to ecp underground,
coincidence we met cha & an..
khai didnt realised em..
but i went to nudge khai..
cos the girl i recognise..
then, had a chat while,
they was about to go home i guess...
but we went to tag em along..
to go ecp again, with us..
haha. wtheaven..
so they went with us..

first we went to mcd,
bought ice-cream..
then, we all went to the litehouse..
slacked thre..took photos..
chat all till like 8pm..
then we went to sit at the bedrock..
after tht, off to walk around at th other side of th ecp end..
went BK again & bought th same thing..
haha, taro pie, again =_=" hhaa
was about to meet ezum, but nvm.
cos she was also at the same place..
at tht time..
anyway, here's th photos at ecp..


i like this shot! thanks to khai.

i took this. {an, cha & khai}

someone took this for us.

back off seperate ways.
but khai was with me..
till at the mrt station..
then im off to meet raemiy at around my blk..
slacked till like 11.30pm,
then im off home.

didnt had much thing.
just photos.

ezum took this..

ezum said my face circle..guess cos i ate too much during th hols. ~ haha


yes! finally i can show my stupid face! haha

spot red uni, thts me! haha

end class.

smile. me, irfan & ezum.

they rawkx totally to roughcore! haha XD
farah & rizal nt in photo..sad =(
missing clan. haha


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