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yestrday i had fun..
went to accompany raemiy fr sheesha at arab street...
well, i was shock when i knew tht one of his friend know nico..
oh dammit..
all i rmbr was alif..
i didnt recognise him in th first place..
but then, he recognised me at th 2nd look..
after they sheesha, but not me okay.
im just accompanying..
after took some shots, went home..
met my bro & daffi at park with raemiy..
i went home first after tht..
since its 10.30pm..

otw home,
i getta otp with my morphine ..
haha, hazri..
woohh!! hee.
otp with him till im home..
wooh!! =D
after tht, when im home..
still otp with him till 11pm..
then, off to eat then sleep.

what a day!


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