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today first day of sch re-open..
boring yeah of course..
some of my mates didnt turned up..
nvm, hope to cya soon..

oh yea, came late to sch today..
supposed to reach by 8am..
& meet ezum..
but then,
it turned out to be different..
cos ystrday i went to bed at 6am..
fell asleep while texting raemiy..
& i woke up at 7.30am i guess...
end up, reached sch at 9am..
hahas. & tht was damn late.
oh, my CA also changed. =[
sad. no more beansz.
haha. & th new teacher, not sux..
but just tht he was like serious in doing things..
hmm, didnt do anything much today..

after class at 10+, went canteen..
eat..until 1pm..
went to umbrella table with ezum & irfan..
chatting & surfing net fr awhile..
since i brought my lappy along..
haqim came & after 1pm, off to class..

in class do nothing..
since they're not doing anything..
i went to recommend my class catch movie thts on my lappy..
they went to catch it via projector in class..
goshhh..i guess they really enjoyed th first movie..
haha. it was a violent & gore movie actually..

after movie, went down canteen with ezum..
then around 4.30, shes off cos her mom came to fetch her..
& im now off to meet raemiy..


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