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Today in sch didnt do anything much..
came sch @ 12pm..
went to th canteen..met irfan..
then, ezum came..
shes late! Haha XD
& few mins ltr, rizal came..
then, had a little chat..
& off to umbrella table..
didnt sit fr long since our class starts @ 1pm..

so went up to the class..
end up, th tcher wasnt thre yet..
my gawd!
& everyone was like, “lock the tcher outside when she comes”..haha
cos, she once told us..
whoeva late fr class, he/she are not able to enter her class..
but anyway, almost all my classmates were complaining about it..
hahs..about th late coming of her..
cos, we all are outside class..whats more, we're all burning..
cos of th weather.. -jeez.
Guess it was like half an hr ltr then she came..
end up, we all had an activity during her class fr today..
th activity was we're told to make a kite fr ourself..
haha. “make a kite??”
went to th canteen..met irfan..
i went to make butterfly kite fr myself..hee..
will take a picture of it once its done..
ezum went to make some sort of like “checkered kite”..
rizal, i had no idea..but th design was pretty nice..
same goes to irfan..but both were good though..
almost done..
& im gonna get my kite done maybe tonight..
or during th weekend..haha XD
its been a long time since i didnt do art stuffs..LOL

aft the lesson, we all went to the canteen to have our lunch..
irfan went home..had competition going on i heard..
left ezum, me & rizal..
after lunch, went up to class..
had our class test..
& omfg, this time i went to concerntrate on entire chap 3..
but sadly, i didnt went to revise em bfore th test starts..
wtfreak, whats more, i went to play lappy instead..
serve me right! Waahhaha.
But im hoping tht i get good result though..

after class, went to red table with ezum..
then went to buy something..
& back to th same place..
mins ltr, my bro called..
hes coming to my sch with daffi..
gawd, cos he wants th lappy..
so, sigh~
waited for both of em..
meanwhile, had a chat with ezum..
then like mins ltr, they came..
had a talked with em..
out of sudden,
ezum's friend called my bro..
wahahha, just to show th friend to see th magic show..
again?? haha
Ahaks, guess i gotta learn some also.. XD
so they both i guess enjoyed themselves..
& i went to th staff room to pass smtg to my tcher..

aft tht, im off frm sch..
went to take bus to sengkang..
then another one, to wdland..
meet Hilman!! woooh! Haha
when i reached, he fetched me..
& then, off to wdland centre park..

when i reached there,
saw his friends, zaini..& another one..syarif
Slacked there..
i went to play some games with em..
& damn, hilman won me..
went to play something like a mind game..
he won also its bcos of my hint he requested to have..
ahaks, thts why he won..
but still, congrats to him though..haha
he took like less than 15mins to solve..
his friend, zaini..went to figure out th ans also..
he managed to solve..
but he took like 30mins+ to solve..haha

but anyway, after tht, we all went to walk around..
& end up to this playground..
slack awhile @ there & off to admiralty station..
syarif went off..
& next,
i was told by zaini to lead th way frm admiralty to my bus stop..
& i actually went to do it..
but im felt sorry fr zaini & hilman..
really feel sorry fr em..
cos they had to walk according to th way im walking..
ahaks, poor thing..

& thanks so much to Hilman..
fr refreshing my mind of being to tht place someone to with him..
so i dont have to rmbr tht someone anymore th nxt time i passby around there..
haha, yes! Finally..

anyway, really thanks you guys fr sending me to th bus stop..
& also, accompany me alright.
Really appreciate it alot..hee.

& on my way back home,
coincidence, i bumped onto raemiy..
while i was on my way walking at th park to my hse..
didnt notice him..
but went th same way home back with him..
reached home around 9.30pm i guess..

woooh, didnt realise tht today is sucha long post..

I shall end here, tcare reader! =D


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