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today farah came sch..
haha, was kinda shock actually..
& i had lesson frm 8-11..
cool isnt it??
supposed today end @ 1pm..
but then, th 2nd class was cancelled..
so after class,
went canteen..
then to th red table..
after tht farah came..
woooh!! haha.
then my 2 others classmates, chinese chiobu came..
sat there fr like an hr i guess..
after they went off,
oh my jeez..
theres some voices calling fr us..
ezum, poor thing..
her name was called like..more than several times..
no idea who're th guys tht did it..
but nevermind..
drop tht part..
after tht, farah went to meet section head..
when shes done,
we slacked fr awhile & then,
off to th canteen meet th section head again..
together with farah..
had a chat with the tcher in th canteen..
till like 3.30 if im not wrong..
then farah went off..
left me & ezum..

nothing much to do..
went to eat in th canteen..
then off to th field side, sat down..
chat..then went to th student hub..
play comp.
& later, im meeting raemiy..

oh anyway,
went to read farah's blog..
read her posts..
yeah, i still rmbr th first time i knew you..
thanks to ezum fr tagging me in..
& now, we're "KUNNIES" haha XD

and bfore i frgt,
at farah's blog..
wooooh, sucha hot topic going on there..
yes, "HOT"
well, i might not know who're th anonymous who spammed th tagboard..
tagging shits & craps..
but definitely, th person is someone from my sch fr goddamn sure..
duh =_="
cos it shows alot of hint there, at her tagboard..
saying so much stuffs..
which gave me so much of clues tht th anonymous came frm our sch..
its alright..just felt sorry fr farah, alot..
& whats more,
i also knew tht farah, ezum & my name was written at one of those blk opp my sch..
fuck that, get this right whoeva wrote tht for fuck sake..
if ure unhappy with us, face it, fuck it, ure just a piece of dumb prick.
we did nothing.


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