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just updated my links.
i've deleted those dead links..

today came sch..
met ezum & she said..
class cancelled.
got th info when shes on her way to sch..
my gdness..
but still, i have to attend sch..
i have interview..
in sch, did nothing.
ezum played my lappy while i went fr my interview..
oh..it sux when i have to sit & wait fr my turn & do nothing..
i have to wait fr like..30mins..
then my turn..

after interview, slacked in sch with ezum @ student hub..
then, she went off around 6.30 i guess..
mins ltr, i went off..

i've nothing to talk about.
but anyway..
i have someone in mind currently..
=D hee
yes, someeeeeeonneee
i really hope he feels it; he get it ~
one thing i can guarantee..
he will NEVER regret (: hee, NEVER.


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