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didnt go out today..
was soooo lazy..
maybe tmrw, yeah..
shopping i guess..
today @ home..
just watch tv..
eat..then listen music..
& then, comp..
like always..
i've nothing to blog about.

maybe this..
im just surprised girl's of our own sch abhor us..
for no gawd damn fuck reason..
& i fucking hate tht..
girls main line was "never judge me"
but then, they're th one judging other ppl..
cmon man..
i guess, they just dnt have their own guts to own up.
fr sure..they're just using th comp to throw hateness & dislikes..
what a joke tht i have to force myself to laugh..
if i know whos th person,
i swear, imma humilate her better than she does..
even though its not a big deal..
but cmon, you dare to say on tagboard,
why not in the show.?
asshole, we're not like what ure thinking all th while.
mind your words bfore i really put on curse you damn daughter of a moron!


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