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today i cant sleep..
so i went to dance & sing in my own room..
dance-sing!~ hahah..
besides tht, i went on9 too..
went to chat with some of peeps tht're still on9..
& end up, chatting crap with hilman..
im sorry to have dragged your bedtime honestly..
frm like 1am+..& he was about to slp @ 2.30am..
but sadly, i went to drag th time..
till like 1hr later..
wtfreak. haha, really sorry hil..
& chat with him also i learnt something..
maybe i should post it here..
i learnt to take things slowly..aaaannnnddd
i learnt to let th guys asking me fr a date instead of me..haha
cos im a bi bfore thts why i kept asking guys fr dates..
wahahaha~ LMFAO
alright, imma wait fr tht whoeva guy who wanna date me..
but too much dates can also cause me to have severe thinking damage..
i took one of th quiz in fb..
& th facebook said tht "im pretty datetable"
haha, true enough actually..
oh yes, since i have admires already..
maybe i should restart again..haha
yes, restart..so things dnt get messed up..hee
like th lesson tht i've learnt,
take things slowly; dont rush~ (:

anyway, i've got nothing to blog about..
& ltr, sch starts @ 8am..
& im still not yet knock out..haha
guess im gonna go off to bed now then..
will be updating about wassup going in sch..
tcare reader & nights! :D


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