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i've nothing to update about..maybe about today..
omw to hgm, rain =_=
went to hgm do my stuffs then meet zen..im so sorry fr having to keep u waiting..
tht time was like evening..so dnt have time to slack..just meet him awhile..gave his "belated" bdae gift.. which im supposed to give on friday..but i frgt to bring with me cos tht time im rushing to sch..
after met him, then just off back home..
anyway, thanks fr sending me home like always..haha
and, thanks fr accompanying me to shop fr awhile..and sorry fr dragging ur time..
tmrw gonna meet you again..cant wait fr tht..i knw u too..haha
zen oh zen..its soooo damn worth i tell you spending on you..really worth..im so sure this is sooo not gonna be my another fucking mistake of loving someone..this is really damn worth..and, not a blind love like bfore..haha

farah, imyt babe! =D


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