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ystrday my ezum kunnies didnt attend sch..
sad..one & only girl.. ="[
but nvm..
zum, haqim came sch yknow!! haha
umms, whats more yeah..
oh yeah, get our proj done asap yeah?
hmm..after sch..
slacked awhile with classmates..
then, some went off & some went student hub..
while waiting fr dear friend gary..
went to play th comp..haha

alright, met gary & hes like..
omg, sooo different.
im so sorry gary fr not have been contacting you fr quite long..
im busy..
& nw, ure like..sick.
but anyway, after i met him..
i went to accompany him to see doctor..
hes sick!! sad..his temp was like 38..
tht was rather high..
& still, he attend sch..wtfreak.
gary, pls tcare of yourself.
& dont think too much.
thinking too much will make u more stress..haa

after hes done,
i sent him bck home & im off to tamp..
hanged around there by myself..
oh yeah, i still have lots more to check out th new tamp 1..
haha. alot!!
on my way home,
met my brother & his friends..
i went to accompany daffi fr his religious class fr awhile..
& then, it was like 10mins ltr, hes done.
haah, tht was fast..
oh so we both went to th park meet my brother & friends..
slacked there till like 9.30..
getta otp with my zen..ahha
you like it eh!! haha

went back home, do stuffs..
otp with zen, again..ahha
& off to sleep.

anyway, i took these photos ystrday..hee

daffi... thanks fr th McSpicy! ahah

this is gary..& hes like, omg. so different.

too bad, im much cuter than you! haha

& today i went to wake up call zen..
then i know..
u also snooze your alarm..
thts why when i called you,
you're still lying on your bed..ahaks.
same, i actually also got th habit to snooze my alarm..ahha

today got class..
today got class..
today got class..
tmrw go out..
tmrw go out..
tmrw go out..
with zen. haha

k done.
zen, imy!
ezum, imy!
tisha, i dont miss you.
haha, okay, im crapping.


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