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yestrday was friday. planned to go out with ezum but it went screwed up. nvm.
still, im going out. not staying home. went out th entire day with zen. wooh!
planned to meet him @ 12+. End up, at 3pm.hah What a draggin time.
its all bcos i took my own sweet time @ home having my lunch & do my own stuffs.
met him @ 3pm. first head dwn to vivo. took bus frm hgm. to me, i felt it was like awhile.
zen my killer time!hha went to vivo fr fun. ah, didnt getta catch Orphan. nvm.
gonna catch it somehow, somedays @ home. yeah.
oh yeah, not frgtting, i bump into ilah @ gv vivo. (:
th guy i first saw when i was arnd vivo, was familiar. end up, i guess its her friend/partner..idk.
alright, after vivo, took bus off to cathay arnd ps..
i think almost all cinema showing th movie orphan is on night time. nvm.
went to ps..went to gv @ ps. ah, did nothing but slacked till like 7pm.
had dinner together with zen @ LJS. gracias para everything amor! =D hee.
after dinner, walked all th way to th CHIJMES area. took bus & off home.
i think, everytime i post, my ending line would be this,
"thanks fr sending me home zen"
guess tht line gotta be my permanent line. i just realised tht. hahs.
each time i post, th last line fr sure tht one.
alright, till th nxt post. bye !


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