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my bad for not updating. Been busy these days.
well, on thursday after sch didnt no anything. Slacking with kunnies. & gary.
played uno, & th "bluff" game, & indian poker, haha. indian poker made me LOL.
i felt different on that day as i was wearing white uni. Ezum's ownage. haha
hmm, after haqim went off, oh yes, ezum, me, rizal & irfan all head dwn to amk hub.
while waiting fr bus it wasnt sooo rainny.
But after awhile when we're on board, oh so heavy rain.
We changed seat almost twice in th bus. Isnt tht silly? aint it? ahah.
its th most sweetest thing i find on tht day. Cos its hard fr us to go out together..
other than going to th ecp during sch hrs.
so we all was just roaming around th mall. th appetite to eat still in them. haha
guess it was like 2.30pm, i went off seperate ways with them.
they all took train & i took bus off to braddell meet Fadly & his cussn, Azzym.
they were late, like always. drop tht, im used. always wait fr ppl.
hmm, they came around 5pm. Slacked awhile, while waiting fr Fadly fr smtg on, i & azzym went to bought Shaker Fries. I ate shaker fries fr twice. haha
till like 6.30pm, im off to amk, again =_= haah. & took th same train as them.
yeah, imma meet you guys again somedays. not sure if im coming on th 15Sept.
and, Happy Advanced Birthday Azzym! hope u like th advanced gift. ^_^
sorry fr having to make u wait again zen, really sorry.
u reached like, earlier than me. thts why. hahs
drag zen to mcd, &, he bought like my fav ex burger, double cheeseburger. wooh!
thanks thanks thanks xoxoxo much! hee. i missed having tht burger too. hhaha
took bus & off back home. under th void deck, bump into my bro. wahahah.
whats more, stupid corridor, cos no lights were on. it was all dark.
happened fr like twice already. its sooo dark but nvm. zen's with me.
its like always when i looked at it whenever its dark, i'll went like "wtfreak".
imagine if ure alone & walking tht creepy corridor in soundly night.
and thanks so much again zen for sending me home. =D

azzym, fadly & me! =D

tht shaker fries! haha

fadly & azzym.

i just like this photo! hee.

this one also. hee.

ezum , haqim , rizal .

waaa fierce! fuuuh!

im lazy to rotate. haha


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