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yesterday was sucha tiring day man..
had a day of event @ Pan Pacific Hotel frm 8am to 4.30pm..
i was late in th morning bcos i missed th full train..sorry to keep you guys waiting.
took cab to pan pacific..reach aedi, thought we all are gonna be late..
but actually, not. slacked until like 8.30 or 9 im not sure then we went to this room..
i sat with ezum..there's 6 lappy in th rm..we call it , machine. haha
did th lab sheet with ezum..wahaha, half way, stucked.
th application gt error or smtg..had tcher to fix it..
meanwhile, had breakfast.
after breakfast, back to th room..
after we getta knw when we'll be taking our test, so we had a quick revision..
in th afternoon,
theres this like a "blue man" came during lunch time for entertainment..
i find so interesting tht i decided to take picture with him..hah
he was like covering th "hush hush" song..lols
th lyrics were different..they had it edited..
we got free time..so went to roam around th hotel..haha
first, went to th swimming pool area..then went to try taking th lift..th life was nice..haha
& i was surprised th building had 22 storey..haha
after tht, went back to th room..
had a hardcore revision with friends & ezum..ahah
i took th test & got th result immediately..
it was freaking to know i got 94.44%..haah
out of 54 qns, only 51 correct ans..3 incorrect..i guess shud be th new qns..
didnt take th 2nd test..i guess th 2nd test we'll be taking it in sch..

after we're dismissed, went to marina square with ezum..
walk around & stopped by around Levis store..
theres a seat so we sat there & wait fr my bro to come..
she missed my bro so i called him to come..haah.
when my bro arrived, like 30mins ltr then zen arrived. waaah.
they break fast together.. after tht my bro & ezum took train home & i took bus with zen off home..
i felt so damn exhausted tht i fell asleep on my way back home..haha
& i slept @ 4am..
thanks to zen fr accompanying me till i fall asleep while texting you..haha

what a day!


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