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people, these are all th photos..
i see yes evil! haha
photo credits to khai. =D

taken frm ezum's blog..she said this my clone..actually almost true..haha

this is silly! haha

wished this was my hse..

oh so peace! =D


she love my hse stairs..hee

i love it too..credits to ezum..

i like this! =D

sooo blurry~ shaky! hah

ewin, khai & me! @ ps..hee

feat khai~

look into my eyes, i fell in love with zen. haha

oh so stupid face..haha

i love my hair! hee

my house! before going off (:

kunsz!!! iloveyou! zen, sorry >_<

drink drink..suck suck suck! haah

we fuck the girls! haha

my scandalisma! ahah


yeah, im pretty petite; 157. haha

imma give you my world. -given.


after. makes no diff after all =_=
ahha except me.


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