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ystrday went sch just to celeb ndp =_=" haha
supposed to be in sch @ 8.30AM..
but, bcos i slept late last night which is around 5am,
so i woke up first @ 7am..then snooze th alarm..
& atlast, woke up @ 8.30..
end up, ezum was late too..
& so do i am..

met her in sch @ 9.30am..
then coincidence rizal came @ th same time..
so yeah..
went up class together..
watch vids then play comp..
after tht, went to th canteen..
do nothing..
but lucky ezum went to bring uno..
played uno with some of our boymates in sch..

after those guys went off,
me, ezum & rizal went to th foyer..
im just surprised to see tht rizal's kite was thre..
haha, shud have submit mine..
but nvm.
after rizal went off, left me & ezum..
we both went to play uno..
again! haha.

i think like 3+ then we went off..
& i went to hgm return book.. =_="
haah, yeh i do read book..
those non-fictions, about anthropology = my fav

after hgm, went to meet tasha @ her hse..
had dinner together with her..
& also, thanks fr th facial treatment babe! =D
appreciate it alot.
yeah i will take good care of my face.
i will alright.
thanks fr th concern babe :D

guys, i have plenty of photos thts not yet being upload.
maybe somedays i'll upload em.

&, i love tht 789! ahha
my twin rawk! really..
meet soon love!

shall compose another poetry..
& im going out today with my family.
tcares reader!


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