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- Blood Ties

i W A N N A c a t c h T H I S

was doing nothing today. was clearing my inbox.
found this, written by zen (:
& i just find it sweet, just for me, to me only.
no offence fr others =x

If there's one face i want to see, so beautiful, so true, one smile that makes a difference, to everything i do.

If there's one touch i longed to feel, one voice i longed to hear, whenever i am happy, or just needing someone near.

If there's one joy, one love, from which i never want to part, it's you, my love, my world, my life, my heart.

I love you forever dear. and there is noone else i rather be with but you.


Proud of you cause u can do anything and pursue the things u want. and im proud of u for who u are as a whole person. what makes u special is the way u are. not just that typical person but someone with her own style and flair. that made me look up to u in admiration and thats when i know that no word can describe u except the word special. what u have other girls dont. simple. the way u are. each and every way. and linking to that, thats what makes u special. tisha, ilyilyilyily. i love you just as equal.


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