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ystrday didnt have time to update..
ystrday had breakfast with zen @ mac..hee
thanks fr picking me frm home..
and, sent me to sch..

in sch, did nothing much.
had SW..but then, i went to do workout in th gym..
since th floorball floor was used..
took pictures. haha.

me, ezum & rizal

this part was sooo hilarious actually..haha

in th afternoon, tcher came late fr class..
30mins late =_="
middle of th lecture, i slept..
fr like, 30mins..haha.
end class, met tcher with ezum.
then off take bus together with hee..
woooh! haha

went to simei..
waited him @ starbuck..
waiting fr zen..
until i've done reading my homework..
and finished my starbuck drink..
waiting fr him its like...
waiting fr a ticket flight..
soooo long Zzz_zzZ
didnt had dinner with him..
but he had his dinner with me.. ahha
oh yeah,
otw back home, saw habil in th bus.
nice seeing u again friend! ahha XD
thanks fr sending me back home zeeennn.

& happy 6th birthday Taqin! haha


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