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ystrday i went out.
it was fun like oh my..

planned to meet zen @ 2pm..
but then, it went like dragging till like 2.30..
meanwhile, meet friend..
& like around 3, zen texted me..
& hes like waiting fr me like 15mins..
meet zen @ hg inter around 3.15..
sorry fr have to keep u waiting dear.. >_<
anyway, we took bus off to vivo..
we played cards in th bus..
sad, u cant do magic w/o full suit! waahhaha XD
think it took us like, 1 &half hr to reach vivo..

alright, met his friends @ vivo, mac.
th most thing tht surprised nt only me but zen..
is tht..
it was sooo damn coincidence tht i met a good friend of mine, halijah.
oh my..i missed her alot man!
shes looking pretty hot actually. hee. =D
& th moment i first looked at her,
my eyes were popped out thinking, i definitely know this halijah..
& its true.!! bet she got tht thinking too.! haha
oh yea, & zen was like freaking freaking damn shock actually.
haha. bet hes like thinking till nw..
wonder hw th hell this could happened.
wahahaha, amazing isnt it? yeh i knw..haha
well, sat @ th mac fr awhile..
then off to henderson waves..

on my way out frm vivo,
wooohooo, met another one,
i met yanabangs! wahahahah.
credits to zen.
if he didnt tell me tht someone's tryna call me, i wouldnt have notice.
hmm, it was like kinda adventure outing i can say..
cos mostly we climbed up th stairs to henderson.. hahs.
once we reached th climate, everyone was like, "finally" haha
when i reached th henderson, im like having pretty sooo good time with zen..
after henderson, we all went off to this place..hortpark.
we actually went to walk on this bridge..
again, i didnt even take pictures. haha
anyway, otw walking there, it was like boring =_=
but then, thanks to zen fr always coming up with smtg..
when he started to sing, & it simply reminds me of my fav singer, jesse.
on & on, i also got addicted & started to sing also..

alright, when we reached th hortpark,
we all went seperate ways..
so its nw just like only me & zen..hee
this is smtg i should share with you guys..
this hortpark is soooo damn awesome.
cos th scenery was beautiful i can say..
i didnt have time to take pictures..
but maybe i'll take some shots if it happens i go there again..
having a very great time with zen! hee =D
tisha sooo damn loving it!! haha
once i went inside this hortpark,
there's this area..which i find it like sooo cool..
it has a crib..dining table..
look almost like a room..
its really damn pretty cool..
after like hrs of slacking around,
we went to this kinda hse..
haha. everything seems to be like real hse..
i did took some picture of it..hee
slacked till like 8.30pm..
we all meet them up, then went off together..
taking th same bus..ahaks.

i was sooo tired till i doze off in th bus. haha.
reached home @ 10.30pm.
thanks sooo much zen fr sending me home. =D
thanks also fr taking me out.
i really enjoyed my saturday much, so much.

end of post.
& i finally realised i typed alot. hahs.

anyway, heres some of th pictures taken.


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