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today came sch late..reached sch @ 9.30 i guess..
tht time when i reached, saw many ppl crowded at th gate..
waaah, end up, theres a fire drill.. =_= & th gate was locked up.
came sch do nothing but played "bluff" with ezum, rizal & irfan..ahah
aft tht, we're off to ecp..gotta speed up th project thingy..
dateline is 15Sept..sigh.
lucky we're allowed to go with th permission of SW tcher..
meaning, skipped SW, but tcher mark our attandance..ahha

reached ecp, but then, since we gotta rush to do things, no choice..
rent a bike..i was like, omg. im wearing skirt so as ezum..hahas
but nvm..
anyway, i took pictures. hee, alot! =D
so enjoy.

@ ecp, ezum was like, zen..i thought zen was there..
another turn, it was this. haha.
cool uh! zen own this uh! ahaks.

zen, you should be surprised of this..haha

she missed her right side hair i guess..haha

PS: those scenery pictures & shots are fr my project (: mind tht, thank you.

thanks fr th bike zum! hee =D

i find this lil castle cute, so i took pict of it..hee

this is ezumme! haha

big thanks fr th McFlurry zum! ily! haha

cambasterd~ haha

left kunnies..haha
haqim & farah not in picture..

abg body ft kakak body ft abg sapau! haha

sexsexsex! haha

waaa, havoc th kunnies world! hah

in th making..

behind th scene..


o.O so sexay! haah XD

try tilting ur head to th left & see this picture..
is he standing or lying..haha, thts your mind illusion..hee

irfan, ur leg, so not perlu..ahha
all went bck sch except me..i went home..ahah.
and, bck to sch again..
just reached class, i haveta go out again..haha
need take test..
and, my actually ibm test is tmrw..omg.
tmrw no sch fr me & ezum. woooh!!
but we have ibm thingy frm 8-6 i guess.. =_=
waaa, gonna be tiring day.
whats more, today i go home bring blazer with me..
freak. & tmrw morning, 7.30am i needa be @ cityhall, meet ezum & other friends..
going to Pan Pacific..
ezum, dnt frgt bring ur white uni..
im gonna be formal again..black heels lagi
zum, we're so gonna be like this again fr tmrw. haha

but your hair will be different..haha

thts all, tcares (:
im off to meet zen ~


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