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yesterday went to meet hilman..
went to amk with ezum..
took the same bus as her..
& so, the train..
but i stopped at Yishun..
she stopped @ cck..

met hilman around northpoint..
then, took bus off to wdland..
after tht, it was like 7.30pm..
walk to this one place..
quite peace & quite & dark..
but i like it..
cos it somehow like a nature surrounding..
reached there around 8pm..
along the way, yes we talked crap..
im surprised he talked much crappier than i am..
haha, -jealous! XD
we did catched movie frm my lappy..
then, after the movie,
i went to rest fr awhile..
went off @ 9.30pm..

he sent me to th bus stop around 10pm..
& i reached home @ 10.45pm..

i'll be meeting him & zaini soon..
after my IBM course end..
which is @ 5pm..
cya guys! =D


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