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yesterday went to sch fr IBM thingy..
reached sch around 1pm..
went to th canteen..wait fr ezum..
then, accompany her buy book..
then off to class..
in class, had a not tht boring lesson..
nothing much i can update about..
cos it seems like i've nothing to say when im in class..
just doing work & chatting on my lappy..

class end @ 5pm..
went to umbrella table with ezum..
sorry hilman for keeping you to wait fr me..
anyway, ezum was there till 5.45..
mins after she went off,
i & hilman actually didnt know where to go..

so just head down to parkway for fun..
went to border..
hang around there..
till around 7.30pm i guess..
we're off to tampines int..

met his friends, & the girl is pretty!
hehs. sad i didnt rmbr to ask her name..
& after tht,
im off home.
& reached home at 9pm..

today saturday,
i didnt go nwhre..
tired & maybe, lazy to go out..
& tmrw im going to granny hse @ marine parade with family..

i shall end here.
take care reader! ;D


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