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im having lip dryness ; irritation. and, throat problm. my gawd.
every yr it happens. =_= its soooo irritating. imagine having a dry lip.
and it hurts each time it dry. grrr $_%
guess im not gonna go anywhere until this is fine.
oh yeah, one more, my face. it only gets flawless fr a moment.
all bcos, im lazy to tcare. therefore, face not clean. and, yeah,
im not going to nowhere until im done with my face & lip.
damn jeez. hope it'll be fine by end of this month.
hmm, while my siblings are schling, im rotting @ home.
doing nothing. but just helping mom.
i have yet to plan my hols schedule.
hope to go somewhere, have fun.
not gonna find fr a job like always.

last night i otp with zen & its like fr th entire night.
felt like, once i otp, i dnt feel like hanging th call. haha.


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