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didnt have time to update ystrday. well, had really fun ystrday. in th morning, went to zen hse. slacked till like 4 i guess, went to have lunch together. then off to ecp. met my bro @ mac. then together went fr cycling. wooh, it was damn awesome. cycle to other end towards bedok jetty. took photos. but lazy upload it here. maybe ltr or other days then i upload. took us like 45mins frm th main point just to reach th jetty. imagine, 45mins of cycling. haha. slacked at th jetty fr awhile, then cycle back off. made a deal actually, whoeva reaches th main point first is th winner. and i reached there first. yay! was exhausted. -.-"

thanks so so much fr everything zen. appreciate it so much! i had fun. so much fun =D

to ezum: we have another part of lpd proj to complete. anything if u plan th date & time of meeting, u let me know by texting me k. cos we haveta complete everything by th 1st wk of sch. especially th slides. sigh. meet soon kuns! hee (:


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