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alright, imma share something interesting today. since just now i've posted about the movie tht im going to catch. so now im gonna share about my personal review of the movie. today went to GV marina to catch th movie Phobia 2. tht movie was awesome i can say. its worth watching. consist of 5 stories in 1 movie. haha. th last part was really funny. yeap, it was hilarious tht i burst Lol in th hall. =D all im gonna say, its really worth catching it. 5 stars rating! hee.

supposed today had nothing to do. went to zen hse in th morning, chillax then afternoon went to marina, catch movie. aft tht, walked around marina. and, tagged zen to go pan pacific. haha. tht place i went with ezum bfore. zum, u shud know which part i went again. rmbr th highest floor, 22. and, tht swimming pool? and also, th glass panel @ lvl 4? yeap. i went to bring zen thre. haha. after roamed around th pan pacific hotel, went to sneak peek lil bit about F1. i getta see th racing car!! th sound was sooo killing my ear drum woooh. but then, th racing car was, omg, super awesome! sadly i didnt snap any photo. cos even if i do, idts th racing car would be there in th picture. cos it was moving at a damn fast speed. after everything, im off home.

big thanks to zen fr th movie treat! i loike it baybeh! hee. gracias!
shall spend my holidays wisely with you! haha
otp tonight with tht movie comment i told u to catch at suria. Lol.
gracias para el ovaltine too! hee =D tht have made me so energetic aite!


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