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these day had been a tiring day. often went in and out of hse. not something else alright. ;D hee. family picture taken on first day of raya not uploading it. personal. :D frm bottom picture, my cousins and aunt. ltr i put caption yall can read. nwae, sunday went out. plan all crashed up. supposed to go together with myra but end up, it turns out to be th other unexpected plan. haha. sunday was tiring day. relatives came sunday night.

monday was awesome. went out with zen. first went to j8, then to marina met up with bro. didnt have any where elso to go, end up, its like, we went to marina just to have dinner at Long John. Lol. alright. reached home, rest, online, chat and haven sleep nw. its like going 5am already.

ilyasa and taqin.

see, she got her heels on! shes just 1yrs old! =D

yeap, thts me & her.

2nd shot.

mom said, it look as if its my children.
so its like, their dad not around. hah

taqin, farridon & afiq =D

haha, cute.

alright, my 2nd photo with him.
th first was past years.

i love this.

"they're my kids." Lol.

hey, this was random. she pose, i snap. aha

brother ft sister. big different.

farridon, me & zen.

o.O this was sooo guyish.

tht couple ~ haha ; his future bride. ;D

this was taken by my mom. hahas.

th day my relative came. aunt not in picture.


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