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today is not a bad day .
But F O R G E T F U L & C L U M S Y day .

came sch late ; went home twice ; frgt bring lappy ; frgt bring thumbdrive ; frgt today's date

was omw to sch, frgt bring lappy, so called zen, borrow his lappy ; thanks!
2nd, went back home, again. Bcos im so stup i didnt bring my thumbdrive. wtfreak.
3rd, didnt bring PE attire, went home take. end up, didnt wear it in sch. =_=
4th, asked zen what date is today. Thought its Sept8. Stup @_@
5th, reached sch at 10.30am, late. Whereby i went out of th hse at 9.30am.
guess just tht. still have alot. But frgt. see, F O R G E T. haiyaa~

What A Day !


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