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had excursion on friday to Army Open Hse09 @ Pasir Laba Camp.
Zen sent me to sch in th morning. was late fr sch.
reached sch @ 8.15am. lucky they all still there.
ezum reached sch first so she waited fr me at sch bckgate.
board up th bus @ 8.30am i guess.
along th way, in th bus had so much fun. haha.
took photos & vids. crappy & lame stuffs. Lol.
reached there @ 9.30am. we waited fr 15mins just to get in th place. =_=
first, we went to this area called Combat World.
i totally got no idea wtheaven was tht. but nvm.
went it, and whats more, had to queue fr our turn. damn~
while waiting, took some pictures with gf.
finally when it comes to our turn, went it.
and like 15mins ltr, th weather changed. it rains.
so cudnt play th game, sad. got free poncho! haha. but didnt use em.
shud have bring my umbrella along.
waitwaitwait in th same area. going nowhere.
since it was rainning heavily. took picture of ezum, for fun. haha
when th rain started to settle dwn abit, me & some of my gfs went off.
was heading to th canteen. took us really long just to find th canteen. haha
still raining, but not tht heavy. just drizzling.
hmm, after we found where is th canteen, sat there fr awhile.
then off to meet th other half of classmates.
managed to take class picture. but not all were there, some.
kunnies was include in th photo. haha. Lol.
went to do some feedbacks. then together off to canteen again.
th canteen was so called Fun World actually.
was waiting fr th bus to come. so slacked awhile.
when th bus came, board up th bus. and yeah, i slept in th bus.
was too exhausted until rizal commented about it. haha

reached sch arnd 1pm i guess, around tht time.
after all went off, left myself waiting fr zen to come.
zen came @ 1.20 i guess. got nowhere to go.
randomly just head dwn to Bugis.
was too exhausted, took 80 fr fun to Harbourfront. haha
then took th same bus again back to Bugis. Lol. thts crazy, i know.
i just know th new shopping mall at Bugis is called Iluma.
just roamed around th mall, then went to Bugis Street.
then walked all th way to Penin.
along th way, passed by Raffles City shopping mall.
went in and walked around fr fun. after went to penin, took bus off home.
went home put some stuffs then go out again, meet tasha.
had a gr8 convo with her. And, she was surprised, zen was with me. haha
talked until 7pm, then went off.
Break fast with zen. Gracias para all zen! hee =D
and gracias para sent me home.

monday got sch. tues got sch. entire week usual schedule.
until nxt two weeks then no sch. 19Sept hols until Oct11. cool isnt it?

friday pictures.

cabbage or rubbish man ; you decide. haha

excessive content. Lol.


i love my class! =D

girl2 side. haha

shahadun ; siti & me (:

haqim emoemo-ing. hahs

oh yeah we rox. =D

haqim & me . hee.

me & rizal.



see tht "floating cap"



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