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i just love today! hee.
it was totally freaking fun fr me ! {/wooooh!!}

reached sch @ 11am, took test.
after test, like arnd 12pm, went to return blazer & stuffs together with ezum.
then went to student hub collect shirt. th meeting was delayed, so didnt attend.
instead, played old maid with kunnies. haha
around 1pm, they went off & i went to wait fr zen to come in awhile.
out frm sch, went to his hse just to take th one thing tht he frgt ; pendant . =_= aha
end up, he went to change his clothes too. haha. hw funny was tht.
hmm, then off to accompany him to driving centre.
and i went to meet my darling bestie, myra @ punggol.
first, she came, then its like nothing to do.
so i went to call my another darling bestie, hazri.
we went to meet him up arnd his blk roof garden.
finally, im not missing you anymore. haha
we talk & talk, and in th end, he went bck to his hse, just to take uno cards.
sadly he gt no idea where he placed th uno.
so end up, played poker cards.
he thought me & myra this one game.
it was interesting actually, & i loike it! haha
not frgtting, thanks so much myra ; i love you fr helping me to fulfil my favour. hee =D
arnd 6.15pm, went off with myra to meet zen @ punggol plaza.
then sent myra home & im off home.
again & again, thanks zen fr sending me bck home. hee

this is me , credits to myra.



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