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today got no sch.
made raya biscuit with mom.
im th one doing th topping ; white colour.
mom did th bottom ; brown.
it took us like 30mins just to figure out th shape of th biscuit.. haha
end up, i came up with this idea of how th shape will be like..
amazingly, it works! haha
so we named it Dahlia Bintang . Lol

before it was bake.

this one also before.

after it was bake, i didnt upload. maybe ltr.

ah, lemme blog smtg about ystrday..
ystrday i was late to sch
came sch @ 9.30am, end up, lesson has ended. =_=
what's more, it was tcher's day. no wonder.
again, meet up with kunnies & played uno.
after all went off, left me & ezum.
went to canteen, in th end, played th game "steal" haha
was about to go off since im going to my sec sch.
cos they're having celeb @ 11.30..
but then, since was waiting fr zen, so nvm.
after ezum went off, left some of my boymates with me..
went to student hub, it was like 15mins ltr, zen came.
well, was surprised one of my friend, fendy , knew zen.
cos they were in th same sch bfore =_=
anyway, reached my ex sec sch @ 12.30pm i guess.
which means th show is going to end very soon. nvm.
meet up my bro, & some of ex friends there. and tchers too. i miss them though ~
slacked in th sch fr awhile & after tht head dwn to ecp with zen.
bfore tht, drop by his hse to take lappy.
so went to slack with him arnd th skate park @ ecp.
he catched this movie REC . haha , was funny in th end.
chose not to mention it here XD
aft hes done with th movie, went to th jetty.
and its like going to break fast, - thanks fr th drink zen! haha
oh yeap, then went to mac, bought food & off home.
thanks so much fr th McChicken zen! ahah
and last, again , thanks fr sending me home.

PS: imyt zen , alot , so much, damn lots , many2!


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