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this is sooo freak. my walkman hp is condemn! well, otp with zen ystrday.
and how funny it was, i cnt hang up th call. hahs. nvm. but this morning, went to meddle again.
end up, th dial button ; hang call button & this one, th most very needed one, th cancel button.
waaa, like tht, how am i supposed to cancel incorrect letters/words if i txt wrongly. right?
sigh. no choice but have to switch hp. back using tv phone again =_= yeah.
+ tht tv phone earpiece is spoilt too. good. looks like all hp i used, earpiece always spoil. haha
parents said i ate hp accessories. Lol. which is apparently true. cudnt agree more. hehs.
weeks ago, dad switch hp with me. all in good condition incl th earpiece.
days ltr, earpiece only one side can hear. haha next thing, week ltr, th buttons. sighs.
looks like im a material eater! haha.


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