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went sch ystrday fr test. end around 11 i guess. then went to complete proj in sch.
awhile ltr, had myself changed & off to zen's hse to complete th entire thing. &
yeah, finally kunnies. our proj is done! woooh! no more stress2 baybeh!
whhooo!! then, slacked awhile in th hse and off to clementi. slacked at there fr
fun. then went off to tht damn area, wdland =_= just to take bck my ps2 frm tht
bloody moron. idiot. know how to lend but dnt knw hwta return back. asshole!
make ppl trouble. nxt time, future, im sure to make u double th times of trouble
tht u've caused me now. yeah, double idiot! special thanks to zen, so much fr
accompanying me to his hse to take it even though tht has noting gotta do with
you, yeah i know. but thanks lots fr taking tht so much effort. not only tht, also,
helped me carry th ps2. lucky it wasnt tht heavy. if not, i wud have ask tht moron
to do a special delivery to my own hse. after wdland, went to compass, had dinner
together. and thanks zen fr th dinner treat aye. appreciate it so double much. ily!
after i had my dinner, went home.

thanks so much fr sending me home & everything.
gracias para todo mi amor! te quiero! =D muacks3!

today i helped mom prepare th dishes fr raya in advanced. hee.


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